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Oldtown Joinery

Oldtown Joinery

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While we clearly appreciate the quality and style of wooden stairs and balustrades, there is something to be said for a combination of wood and metal in your staircases.


Having iron balustrades can help to add a different look and feel to your staircases that can be appreciated by everyone.

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Metal, cast iron and wrought iron balustrades and railings

If you're hoping for something that can withstand even the toughest environments and that will offer you the best long term savings, then one of the many metallic options might be what you're looking for.

An option that's both sturdy and stylish

 •  Balcony bow bars

 •  Forged bars

 •  Cast iron panels

 •  Dog bars

 •  Fluted bars and panel units

 •  Hammered bars and panel units

 •  Modern design bars


While this may not mean much in print, having these options effectively gives us the chance to create something truly unique that's the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship.

What sort of things are available?